4 Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Truck

Just bought a new rig and already thinking about what you can do to give it more get up and go? Here are some tips for improving your truck to increase power, fuel economy, and usability out of your vehicle.

Improving Performance and Fuel EconomyScreen-Shot-2015-01-22-at-2.12.56-PM-300x261

Performance upgrades such as computer chips and turbocharger modifications recalibrate the mixture of air and fuel that get to your engine to produce more power. Improving your engine’s fuel flow and air pump can make a huge difference. The benefits of installing the Fass fuel system Duramax designed are many. Removing air in your fuel and providing a more consistent flow of diesel will increase your horsepower and torque while simultaneously giving your vehicle better fuel economy. It reduces emissions of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and with interchangeable filters and a lifetime warranty, you can anticipate years of increased power and efficiency.

Upgrading Your Exhaust System


With all these upgrades, a high-flow 6.0 powerstroke exhaust becomes essential to your trucks continued performance. The extra heat and exhaust gas created as a secondary effect of these upgrades is more than the standard system that came factory installed on your truck is equipped to handle. Without a satisfactory exhaust system, the extra heat will ruin your rig’s performance and in the long run its engine as well. An aftermarket high-flow exhaust system, larger diameter pipes with fewer bends and turns allow heat and exhaust gas to exit the vehicle more efficiently.

Unlocking Your Truck’s Hidden Potential

The electronic control module built into your truck regulates performance. Factory engineers calibrate the ECM to meet durability and emissions standards, but it can be recalibrated for increased power. By adjusting the amount of diesel fuel being injected into the cylinder, you can increase your torque and horsepower for better truck performance.

Storage Options for Increased Usability9d1b4e74bab85c6aa072c7e3d7724e38

Now that your rig is running at optimum performance, it’s time to consider additional storage for trucks. Depending on your work and recreational needs, tool boxes for trucks can free up extra space in your truck bed and help you get and stay organized, freeing up more space and time for the things that matter.