Reducing Stress While Planning For a Move

When planning a move there are many things to think about. There are utility companies to call, boxes to pack and so many details to remember and organize. What many people do not think about is the stress of moving and how to make it easier for them. A number of resources and tips are available to help reduce the stress for everyone involved.

Start a Checklistto-do-list-749304_960_720

Begin by listing everything that needs to be done. Create a time line for when each step must be started and completed and tag who can handle this task. It is helpful to delegate responsibility to other family members or friends. For example, ask a neighbor to pet sit on moving day or send teen children out to search local stores for cardboard boxes. Check and update the list frequently because something is always forgotten or a new issue arises. Put the list into a binder where all information regarding the move is enclosed.


Hire Some Help

Moving companies are available for packing and unpacking as well as performing the actual move. Hire a lawn service to mow or water the lawn over the last month. Consider using a house cleaning serviceto do the final cleanup after the boxes have been removed. Many carpet-cleaning services offer a move out service to eliminate those stains that are hidden in a furnished house. When moving out of low-cost apartments, these services are very important for renters who may not receive their security deposit back if the home is dirty, but also for home sellers who are required by the contract to leave the home clean.

Reduce the Work

Look for ways to reduce the effort that is needed. Cancel any unnecessary appointments or commitments to avoid over-scheduling. Throw or give away as much as possible. Any items that are not needed for several months should be stored. Consider renting a cheap storage unit to keep important items safe and out of the way during the move. This will reduce what needs to be shipped and unpacked during the busiest time.

There are always stressful moments and exhausting days when planning for a move. It is impossible to eliminate all of this, but the work can be made easier in many ways. More options are available for people who plan their move far in advance. This makes it easier to find volunteers, locate packing material and make decisions.